The Fixer
Nick Doetsch stars in RavensFilm Productions’ neo noir feature film thriller as Vic Simmons, a private investigator who helps people in desperate situations where the law cannot.  He is a troubled man forged by the tragic car accident death of his best friends Samantha and Derrick fifteen years ago.  When that happened, he made a solemn vow on Samantha’s grave that he would always be there for her younger sister, Katie Bishop (Carmiña Elizabeth), as a surrogate big brother.  However, with the toll of Vic’s emotionally trying work as The Fixer, he has neglected the people who mean the most to him.  The worst consequence is the menacing and domineering ex-boyfriend of Luther Resnick (Jonathan Robert) who has begun stalking Katie, and his level of intimidation is escalating to frightening levels.

Vic finds further opposition in Caroline (Lucy Arenberg) - Katie’s close friend and Vic’s former love interest.  What was once a passionate relationship with them has long turned cold, and Caroline won’t allow Vic to make excuses for his absent behavior.  Conversely, support comes from Vic’s close friends and stark opposite personalities, the upbeat and emotionally supportive Jack Demerest (C.J. Koenig) and the harshly realistic and blunt X. Franklin (Ryan Salzwedel).  Both reveal sides of Vic that help drive him towards a cold realization in his life while on the hunt for Resnick before Katie comes to further harm.  However, even if Vic can make everything right for her, can he at all make anything right for himself?

Written, Edited, Produced, and Directed by Nick Michalak.
©2019 RavensFilm ProductionsSM