The Fixer
The Music of The Fixer

The collection of music for The Fixer was a tireless task to assemble. Being inspired by the use of popular music as a storytelling tool by the 1980's television series Miami Vice, the film was crafted with many poignant uses of various styles of music. Each artist came into the fold in different ways with some signing existing tracks onto the film while others composed original pieces to fit specific sequences and general moods for the feature. Additional royalty free tracks filled out the soundtrack from Kevin MacLeod through a Creative Commons license. Despite the efforts of various music supervisors over the years, it became the sole credit of the film's writer, producer, editor, and director to locate, license, and commission every piece of music that makes up this diverse and rich soundtrack.  With some of it being so crucial to the dramatic structure and importance to the film overall, some tracks took years to finally create.

Now, delve further into the background and contributions of each of these artists, and support the music that they have worked so very hard to create.  I thank each and every one of them for the commitment, interest, and patience they've shown over the years.

Along The Parallel Apocalypse Cow Joe Becker HEMI
Robert Wayne Johnson Khaos Theory Jim Luke Yana Stenberg
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