The Fixer
About The Film
The Fixer is a feature film inspired by the neo noir films of Chicago-born filmmaker Michael Mann (Thief, Heat, Collateral). Delving into a darkened, dangerous world populated by dimensional and emotional characters who do not come out of it the same as they entered. A world in the gray area of the law where consequences are of a more imminent, personal nature where people confront their fates head-on.

This film explores the internal conflict of someone who has devoted his life to helping others, but not himself. More importantly, him dealing with the consequences of his actions, and the repercussions of his inactions. Pure strangers are given the benefit of Vic Simmons' assistance in their desperate hours, but the private investigator's own friends are neglected due to his emotional turmoil. Over the course of attempting to mend a broken promise to a deceased friend’s sister in the form of an ex-boyfriend turned stalker, Vic must learn hard truths about his life.

The wonderfully talented and highly dedicated cast allowed these gritty emotions to rise to the surface, and permeate through the film. Various talents from all over Chicago were brought together by way of the strength of the script, the depth of the characters, and confidence in Michalak's vision and determination. The cast further consisted of actors originating from Louisianna, Michigan, Wisconsin, and New York who had made greater Chicagoland their home.

Aside from Mann's film work, Michalak was deeply influenced by the Mann-executive produced Miami Vice television series in how it used music to tell an emotional story without a single word spoken. Thus, a prominent pop and rock music fueled soundtrack was intended from the beginning. Long montage sequences would fill in the gaps of story to enhance the emotions in this darkly emotional film. Despite the failed efforts of more than a dozen music supervisors who came and went in post-production, it was Michalak himself who discovered, tracked down, commissioned, and secured every piece of music for the film. Musicians that ended up part of the film’s soundtrack ranged from heavy metal to rock to new wave and beyond. A music video for the film was produced with Chicago metal band HEMI for their debut album’s title track "Fire In The Sky."

Eric Woltman of Voltage Visual Studios ultimately became the film's primary Director of Photography, taking over from Allec Isshac after needing to return to his studies at the College of DuPage. Woltman's evolving artistic knowledge and skills came to benefit the film over time as constant production delays and setbacks forced production to run for more than a year. Robert Sokolick also had a short stint as Production Manager and Gaffer on the film. The film was shot entirely on standard definition video on Sony and Panasonic MiniDV camcorders in the suburbs of Chicago. Nick Michalak shot several scenes himself when circumstances required it, and overall, was writer, producer, editor, music supervisor, director, and supporting cast member as "Jack Logan." Since August, 2006, he has worked exhaustively to push the film closer and closer to completion and release. He personally edited all of the film's seven trailers as well as the HEMI music video, and designed all of the film's promotional posters and website.

The Fixer promises to be a visceral and especially riveting modern thriller which treads into dark, dangerous territory that no one will come out the same as they entered.
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