The Fixer
News & Updates [JANUARY, 2019]
• As of Tuesday, January 29th, 2019 The Fixer is OFFICIALLY released on Special Edition DVD by way of Amazon Prime!  The disc is packed with bonus features including an full-length audio commentary, an Alternate Scenes Archive, two HEMI music videos for "Fire in the Sky," a Behind The Scenes featurette on the making of the original video, and Vibrant Noir: The Look & Sound of The Fixer featurette. You can order the DVD right now from Amazon!

The film is also live on Amazon Prime Video in the US & UK!  I am pushing to have the film available on another service focused on independent films, but their application review process is a bit backlogged and will take several weeks to catch up to know if it will be added to their library.  I hope everyone will enjoy the hard work and style that went into this passionate project.  I couldn't be happier that the quality that everyone injected into this film is now available for everyone to see.  It means so much to me to make good on a promise I made over 12 years ago finally be made good on.  I made the statement before production ever began that this film would be completed and reach released no matter what, and that has now happened without losing the integrity of my vision.  Thank you so much!

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