The website has been updated to feature both the Remastered Black & White and the Color Versions of the film.  Since the Special Edition DVD went out of print with the shuttering of Amazon's Media On Demand service, I am endeavoring the get as much of that content transitioned to the website and Vimeo as possible.

Commentary tracks have been added to the 'Videos' page for both versions. I will see about getting the web series commentaries online, but I do not have any full quality exports of those videos available. Since my 2010 Mac Pro died, I lost all ability to access my Final Cut Pro 7 project files, and thus, unless I want to go back and re-construct those web series episodes yet again, I don't know if I will be able to manage anything more with them. As has been documented, a hard drive crash in 2011 wiped out all of the edited material for Dead of Night, requiring me to reconstruct everything from scratch. This allowed for the 2012 DVD release with the B&W and Color versions of everything with commentaries offered as well.

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