[FEBRUARY, 2019]
• The film has successfully returned to Amazon Prime Video after uploading new materials to adhere to Amazon's new criteria.  This includes a new higher bitrate master for a better quality presentation.  In recent times this has only been available as a Pay to Buy or Rent title, but now, anyone with Prime will be able to view it at no additional cost.

Since this is the 10th anniversary of the film's completion and initial release I am hoping to make a minor upgrade to the Special Edition DVD.  Their Media On Demand department has vastly expanded their offerings, and I can potentially present all content on the disc at a much higher quality than before.  Previously, I had to encode everything at a lower than optimal bitrate to fit all the content onto the single-layer DVD.  Now, with dual-layer discs being available it would be nice to give it a bit better presentation.  I don't know if any new content will be included, but this will likely happen in the Spring of 2019.

Also, the first feature film from RavensFilm Productions - The Fixer - has been released on Special Edition DVD & Amazon Prime Video.  After so many years that even predate Dead of Night, this 95 minute neo noir thriller is finally available for everyone to watch and hopefully enjoy. It was an enormous effort from many extremely talented people that finally allowed for this passionate project to finally reach completion and release. I couldn't be happier to see it brought out into the world!

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