• A MAJOR agreement has been struck to have Dead of Night on England television station Sky 203's program Cine Shorts.  This program is entirely centered on short films, and the deal is official to have the thirty minute movie broadcast with this company!  If you are living in England, stay posted for an air date.  It will be posted once the official word comes down.

Also, since submission was free, Dead of Night was submitted to the Twisted Tails Film Festival, run by Twisted Central.  Submission end date is in October, and so, it will be a long while before a final word is had on its chances.

Lastly, an exclusive audio commentary for the COLOR version of the moviehas been put online at YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion.  This commentary goes mostly into the reasons for doing a color version, and convey a few stories as a teaser for the DVD commentary track.
• The newly enhanced black & white version of the movie is now available through Amazon Instant Video for $1.99 7-day rental or $5.99 digital download purchase.
• The final trailer for the film will be screened ahead of the premiere of Never Submit Entertainment's Poetic on Saturday, June 30th! Much thanks to director Matthew Cichella for this opportunity which is open to everyone with $25 and a trailer to show, but the deadline is June 15th. Poetic is a psychological horror film that centers on a world of deceit, passion, and revenge. Also being screened that evening are the films Taxidermy and Event Invitation. Visit the Poetic official website for the film's trailer and links to purchase tickets.
• The NEW Special Edition DVD is now avaiable for purchase on Amazon and CreateSpace for $12.99! While most may prefer the more familiar Amazon purchase, I have a CreateSace eStore exclusive $3.00 discount code: XTC83H82 Just enter this at checkout, and you'll get the DVD for $9.99, plus shipping. I have put a lot of hard work into making sure this DVD release is of high retail quality, and worth the money you pay for it. The enhanced black & white version will be available for purchase or rental via Amazon Instant Video within the next fifteen days.

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