News & Updates
June, 2015

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• The heavy metal band's latest studio album, Undivided Intention, is now available in physical and various digital formats across multiple sites such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and more.  Trent, Tim, & Guppy are hitting up a few live dates this summer in conjunction with further promoting the album! Also, the FIRST DVD RELEASE of the band is available on Amazon & Create Space RIGHT NOW! The Chosen Ones: Live in the Fire contains 2011 concert fooage with enhance audio and video as well as three music videos, and an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Trent Zuberi and now former lead guitarist Ryan Kramar. Make your purchase via the Online Store.

Forever Cinematic
• This year has seen some upgrades and new explorations for my movie reviews.  First up, a new microphone was purchased enhancing the audio from the year's first review onward, and recently, a Blu-Ray Disc reader drive was purchased allowing for HD video to be ripped for use in numerous reviews.  Also, there has been a film-by-film exploration for the Rambo franchise, which will conclude in the near future with a look at the 2008 film.  There are numerous other films and franchises desired to be covered, but time will determine what can ultimately be covered.  However, recently covered films include John Carpenter's Escape From New York, Ridley Scott's Black Rain, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Mad Max: Fury Road.