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News & Updates
July, 2014

New Short Film Projects
• A new screenplay for a dramatic thriller short film is nearly complete and should begin pre-production with casting shortly.  This is based on a concept sparked more than two years ago, and will feature a very solid, positive protagonist with wit, charm, charisma, and a dramatic core.  It's a tight script that I am very excited about, and can't wait to begin filming.  Also, a fresh script co-written by a friend has come across RavensFilm Productions' potential end of the year production slate.  If all is greenlit by both writers, this horror short would be aimed for production this December.

Forver Cinematic

• A few time constraint delays put things behind for a while, but videos are rolling out once again with reviews of the Steven Seagal film Marked For Death while other recent reviews include Transformers 4, Deliver Us From Evil, The Usual Suspects, and many more.  Look forward to a review of The Expendables III when it hits theatre this August, and the eventual 3rd year anniversary of Forever Cinematic in September and Forever Horror Month in October!


• The band is currently in the recording studio putting together their next album featuring a fresh lineup and new, trashy metal songs. A release date is targeted for the latter half of the summer with new live dates and possible music videos to follow. Some video footage is being shot documenting the recording process as well. Meanwhile, the band’s live DVD is currently in production and nearing completion. When released, it will be available via Amazon and Create Space.