News & Updates
November, 2014

12:01 Beyond
• RavensFilm & 12:01 Beyond Productions have premiered our DEBUT EPISODE of the monthly video magazine 12:01 Beyond.  This hit online shortly before Halloween with a spooky episode packed full of seasonal short films, animation, vintage TV ads, and our feature presentation, Horror of the Zombies.  Head on over to Josh Hadley's website to watch the complete two and a half hour episode.  We're already working on the second episode with a post-apocalyptic theme!  We invite your comments on this project so that we can further smooth out the rough edges.


• The band has completed work on their new studio album, Undivided Intention, and will be releasing the album later this season.  Also, RavensFilm Productions is having an EXCLUSIVE PRE-RELEASE SALE for their first DVD The Chosen Ones: Live in the Fire!  An exclusive interview, music videos, and a full live concert presented with enhanced audio and video are packed into this exciting release.  Make your purchase via the Online Store.

• Hit up RavensFilm Productions on Instagram!  Regular images and photos are posted to the site every week.  Thanks to Trent Zuberi of HEMI for making this happen as it will be several months before I can upgrade to a smart phone and do this myself.

Forver Cinematic

• Forever Horror Month has concluded with a total of 11 reviews posted for films such as Stir of Echoes, Midnight Meat Train, Chopping Mall, John Carpenter's Halloween, Halloween III: Season of the Witch, a Phantasm franchise retrospective, and more.  The rest of the year will slow down from here, but reviews for Michael Mann's Manhunter as well as a short series of Twisted Christmas reviews will arrive in due time.  Recent theatrical release movie reviews include the incredible Keanu Reeves action film John Wick and the Jake Gyllenhaal thriller Nightcrawler.

On a side note, the Facebook and Twitter accounts for Forever Cinematic are being discontinued soon.  This is simply a move to condense all RavensFilm related updates into a single account.  Not much interactivity stems from those accounts from followers, and so, it seemed like a lot of extra work for no purpose.  So, if you're a follower of either, make sure to also follow us @RavensFilm on either site.