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News & Updates
June, 2014

Forver Cinematic
• The video movie reviews continue to roll out strongly with many of the major hits of the summer being spotlighted including The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Godzilla, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and the underperforming but wholly excellent Edge of Tomorrow. Retrospective reviews continue to be produced showcasing classics like Michael Mann’s Thief, Abel Ferrara’s Ms. 45, the A Nightmare On Elm Street franchise, Savage Streets, and many more to come.


• The band is currently in the recording studio putting together their next album featuring a fresh lineup and new, trashy metal songs. A release date is targeted for the latter half of the summer with new live dates and possible music videos to follow. Some video footage is being shot documenting the recording process as well. Meanwhile, the band’s live DVD is currently in production and nearing completion. When released, it will be available via Amazon and Create Space.