News & Updates
Summer, 2021

Forever Cinematic
• I recently returned to the filmography of John Carpenter to cover his 1998 horror film Vampires. It turned up a lot of fascinating information resaerching the picture, and it turned out to be a really satisfying analysis! Furthermore, Steve Frazier & I have continued to explore many varied films in our commentaries with Jaws 3, The Omen, Point Break, and soon to come is a 35th anniversary commentary for Aliens.  I also resurrected the Blu-Ray News series due to the massive announcements from Scream Factory on many of the Halloween films getting 4K Ultra HD releases, and the news from Paramount about many of the Star Trek films getting the 4K remastered treatment!


The Fixer / Dead of Night
• Unfortunately, as of June 4th, 2021, Amazon's Media On Demand service will cease operations, and thus, the DVD releases of The Fixer & Dead of Night will be out of print.  Some of the bonus features may be released online at a later time, but there is no guarantee on that.  As there are no other cost effective solutions for physical media distribution, these will sadly no longer be available.  The Fixer is also no longer available on Amazon Prime Video due to circumstances beyond our control, and cannot be re-submitted onto the platform.  It can be viewed for free on our Vimeo Plus account.

Retro Video Series

• This series launched back in August or 2020 focusing on rare to find films that haven't made the jump to HD, have rare alternate versions that have been almost lost to time, or simply curiosities on the home video formats that deserve some spotlight put on them.  Recently, I finished a rather arduous project in breaking down the Evolution of The Terminator on home video across VHS, Laserdisc, DVD, and Blu-Ray!

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