News & Updates
Spring, 2016

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Forever Cinematic
• The summer movie season is going to jump up on top of us very soon with many superhero films to dominate the box office, and the reviews for them all will be coming from Forever Cinematic. Already this year has seen reviews for the Oscar winning The Revenant and the blockbuster surprise of Deadpool alongside classics like Big Trouble in Little China and a few action gems like Out For Justice and some Schwarzenegger flicks. The output continues to be varied as some science fiction films are looking to be featured this season as well.

• The Chicago metal band is working on new songs, and will be returning to the stage once again at the Burlington on April 8th. RavensFilm Productions will re-join them after missing out on their Wisconsin debut this past winter. We hope to make new collaborations happen this year with some fresh projects, and maybe some surprises. A slight facelift to their official website is slowly being developed by myself.